Why Dogs Rule And Cats Suck

why cats suck

When you are going to choose a pet that you will have either in your home, or outside, the two that are the most popular to choose from are either a dog or a cat.

Those that love either type of animal tend to be polarized in regard to why they like one particular animal over the other.

Although some people do like both animals, and will have both animals at their household, people tend to prefer one animal yet sometimes loath the other.

So let’s start with some visuals as to why cats are stupid:

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Raising or Having Pets on a Budget

We all know at this point that having pets is quite expensive. Or at the very least, we all know that we will always have to spend some money on them one way or another. It’s all right of course–having dogs is a commitment in itself and we all know that.

There is no denying that as pet parents we have responsibilities, and those responsibilities cost…guess what? Money, of course! Regardless of whether we have to take the dog to the vet or to the groomers…we will spend.

So how exactly can we lessen the amount of money we spend on our dogs? It’s a tough ask, but don’t worry…it is doable! I can give you some tips on how you can minimize the amount of money you spend on your best friend or best friends.

It is possible to raise dogs on a shoestring or almost shoestring budget. Fret not, because dogs don’t cost as much as children to raise! Anyway, let’s get on to my tips, shall we? Hopefully these tips of mine will help you (and let me know if they do!).

Choose a Low Maintenance Breed

If you are just about to adopt a pup, one way to ensure that you don’t have to spend as much right from the get go is to choose a dog breed that is low maintenance. That means don’t adopt pups that will require monthly trips to the groomers. Choose dogs with shorter coats, the kind that won’t get tangled or matted, and that won’t require regular trims. This is a sure way to lessen your spend.

Feed Them More Cheaply

When it comes to feeding your pets, you can always buy wholesale dog food so that you can lessen your expense. This means that you may have to pay a bigger amount out of pocket, yes, but at least this means that you will save in the long run–because we all know that buying retails equals to more expense.

Learn to Do Some Grooming

If you want to save even more money, you can learn to do some if the grooming your pup will need. Learn to trim their nails, or perhaps learn to clean their ears and trim some of their hair, especially those around their paws. I wouldn’t advise this to those who have dogs who are lively, energetic and restless! You may end up hurting yourself or your friend.

Take Your Dog to the Vet Regularly

Prevention is the best way to go about things. Instead of ending up with a costly vet bill, make sure that you take prevention seriously. It may cost you money out of pocket, but you save money in the long run too.

If you want to save more money, you can get creative too–make toys for your pets instead of buying them, for one…

It’s all up to you in the end, how much you want to or need to spend on your pets. Take care of your pets, that’s all I have to say! As long as they are healthy and happy, then I will tell you that you are doing a very good job. Don’t forget to train them too, so they are a bit more manageable!